LIVE more from your angelic nature and holy purpose.

Integrate your transformation, all the way to transcendence.

  • CLASS 1

    New Archangels for you including Silent/Unnamable Ones

  • CLASS 2

    Refining + Utilising Your Angel Name & The Angelic Language

  • CLASS 3

    Knowing & Manifesting Your Archangelic Divine Purpose and Stream

  • CLASS 4

    Being a Conduit of the Divine incl Being a Living Bridge of the Angelic Human Levels

Don't miss this Angel Christ touchpoint, Blessing & ASCEND! Intro

Includes 4 x 2.5+ Hour Classes and 1 Hour Intro Class!

In the 100 or more seminars we've done I've witnessed the startling transformation folks receive from each others sharings. I see the perfection of the collective that is created, the one accord in the upper room. Now be served in a more intimate setting where lasting true transformation takes place! It took me three decades to receive this level of acumen. I'd like to shorten that for you by about hmmmmm...three decades:)

It took me three decades to receive this level of acumen. I'd like to shorten that for you by about hmmmmm...three decades:)

Ascend! Live in the Heights of Spirit

Step into Spirit for a discounted price for a limited time!

My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarante

When you sign up today, you’re completely protected by my Unconditional 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Which means if you are not satisfied with this training for any reason at all, simply send us an email within 30 days of class start and you’ll be issued a full refund for your purchase.

What others have said about Soar! (the last series)

"Decades of deep inner digging (in an array of therapeutic modalities) feels like simple scratching the surface after advanced angel work with Alisha. The rapid power of transformation is incomparable. You are working with a team of God's Most Powerful Agents (Great Archangels) to come and take residence in your life and help you with everything you offer up.

My life looks nothing like it did when I began working with her. I've gone from trapped in a situation that was causing suffering to exuberantly living in Divine Connection (and a whole new juicy set of circumstances!)

No healing modality I’ve ever experienced comes close to comparing with the homecoming and liberation that has resulted from advanced angel work with Alisha." ~ Aubrie Woods

"Alisha offers a rare connection to the Angelic Kingdom that enables us to experience our divine nature directly.  She excels in helping clear, heal, and remove any limitation that may interfere in awakening more fully to who we truly are. Her support has helped me become more attuned, aligned, and in one accord with my true nature.” ~ Marcos Cajina

"All spiritual traditions teach us to ‘thine own self be true’. Knowing my angelic heritage has been a huge revelation for me to know who I am, and what I am to accomplish!

After a guided meditation to find our angelic name, my consciousness began to flow on the energetic of the Angelic ‘stream’ within which I flow. The movement of my consciousness was similar to what I am familiar with during meditation/ spiritual exercises which I have honed over fifty plus years of deep introspection. I realized my angelic heritage for this life, which is exemplified in my heartfelt choices and expressions. 

I saw how that divine purpose was seen through many human lifetimes, culminating during the latter part of this one. I can only say, experience this for yourself." ~ Dr Mark Holmes

"The profound loving support and the groundbreaking teachings created an atmosphere where my spirit literally Soared beyond time and space into dimensions I had not consciously traveled before! I experienced great revelations and incredible clearings laced with the joy of angelic intervention. Other people's sharings brought about a cathartic emotional release in areas that I had no conscious awareness about. Taking this class was a great gift on many levels!"~ Lane Larue

"I received a sense of belonging, understanding, awareness, loss of fear, increase of confidence, and a sense of purpose, clarity, and  focus, within myself, my spiritual exercises, and my direction in life." ~ Cindy Erhardt

"If I listen closely to life a melody arises. A song sung by angels. I got to experience those melodies over and over in Alisha's class! When I signed up for the course, I was mildly interested in learning more about Great Archangels but what I got was a deep sense of how much support and LOVE is available to me from these wonderful, amazing Beings. Now, I  get to consciously hang in a land of unconditional love! Also, I love how much [my spiritual teacher] is with me through this process!" ~Dave Wright

"You speak from that realm that, on our own, we hear only when we focus on it. Through you, The Great Archangels make their sound as loud & strong as the world so that we actually experience it, here & now. We NEED Ascend! to anchor it so we can really have access to it inside each one of us. We need to build the inner portal to it. The Awakening is taking place BECAUSE the GAAs can bring that energy into this world through you, as a visceral experience for us."~ Leanne Brightwell

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ascend! for me? What are the Prerequisites?

    Ascend is for you if you have taken SOAR!, Accessing the Great Archangelic, Awake To Love classes, counseled with Michael or Alisha OR have a strong resonance with and connection to angels. If you don't meet these prerequisite please email Alisha to see if this is a good fit for you. It’s for folks who are already quite spiritually advanced who would love to soar into even higher consciousness with greater ease, grace and more tangible experiences of the Divine.

  • Who should NOT sign up for Ascend!?

    This is not for you if you don't belive in Angels or believe there is only one path to God. It’s not for folks who don’t want to change and grow. It’s not for folks who give up when their ego resists or they are challenged by the downward momentum of the planet.

  • Include questions a potential student may have before purchase.

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • Why is it so cheap for what it is?

    Because I’m called to support you and the planet at this very pivotal time! It’s been quite a year and the Archangels are very close to stabilize and uplift you but are you aware of and can utilize their love and guidance? I want to do my part to help turn the tide towards light. I also want to help bring you into this new and exquisite world. Plus, your success stories and feedback help me to keep refining the offering and serving in a greater way.

  • Will Michael Hayes participate?

    Michael Hayes, counselor to gurus and thought leaders and one of the world’s top spiritual intuitives is my partner in Awake To Love. He is at all the sessions making sure the energy field stays pristine and participating occasionally in sharing and be called in to comment on areas of his expertise.

  • What’s the Catch?

    This is a paradigm shift. Some of the information will be new but if you’re like the thousands introduced to it, it will also be deeply resonant and align with your spiritual discernment. It will call you from deep surrender and to live on a higher order.Oh, also you'll need to act quickly to receive all the bonuses and the early bird discount.

I love to over deliver :)

Dr. Alisha Das, DSS, is a deeply intuitive, highly experienced counselor/coach who can quickly see into the heart of the matter while facilitating your inner and outer transformation. She is masterful in a wide range of modalities, including the fields of psychology, life coaching, and spiritual healing. For over two decades, Alisha has had a thriving private coaching practice and facilitated over a hundred personal growth seminars.