At Awake to Love Michael Hayes and Alisha Das believe that when people are connected to their Spiritual nature and working in partnership with a Higher Power, then incredible and often miraculous transformation is possible.  With over 55 combined years of professional counselling the Awake to Love online courses offer enlightening information on a wide range of topics, particularly how to access the archangelic realms, consciousness clearing and intuition and inner knowing.

Overview of Courses

Awake to Love Courses

Higher Realms 

This rare five-hour long seminar is the one Michael, Alisha and the participants say was perhaps the very highest of ninety Awake To Love events!  In this sacred seminar, we discuss many fascinating esoteric subjects including:

  • The higher realms of Spirit above Soul,
  • How to connect to the greatest Spiritual Presence we can
  • The nature of the cosmic Christ and how to connect to It
  • How to live in Grace instead of law, what manifest reality predated the human and angelic levels

Awakening to the Spiritual Heart

A beautiful seminar that explores the process of awakening in a unique way. It charts our journey from our isolation as individuals to the realization of our oneness, not with another group, or another person, but with all beings. 

Choosing Grace Now - Class 4

Learn how to connect to and receive direct support, guidance, and healing of Spiritual masters, archangels, the Christ, higher forces of God, the Traveler and the deep comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Consciousness of the Beloved

One of Awake to Love's foundational seminars. A deep dive into the nature of consciousness and Spirit, featuring a detailed Powerpoint Presentation. 

Increasing Your Intuition and Inner Knowing

Coming to inner knowing is a byproduct of us freeing ourselves from the great desire to become. We know that we already are all that we will ever be and the journey of becoming has been part of the experience of this creation.

Opening to Higher God Consciousness

This class is the opportunity to come into that higher consciousness and free ourselves from the distortions that we have bought into about what process is required for us to experience that higher consciousness.

Opening Your Spiritual Eyes (4 Courses)

Awakening To the One Who Sees Through You - Talks, processes, meditations and sharing, all focused on opening your Spiritual eyes.

Alisha Das Hayes Courses

Rise! and Accessing the Great Archangelic (Classes 2-5)

Are you feeling anxious about your new normal'? As an empath, are you taking on some of the collective anxiety? Are you tossing and turning at night because of personal problems? Connecting to great archangels and your own Archangelic nature can lift you above your worries into a higher perspective so that you come into your center, deep peace and understanding of how to use all that is occurring to your spiritual advancement, upliftment and growth.


LIVE more from your angelic nature and holy purpose. Integrate your transformation, all the way to transcendence.

Eating Love

Introducing you to the concepts of: 

Exploring how to Work WITH your body to find your perfect weight and maintain it with grace and ease-regardless of eating plan or fitness program you choose (or don’t choose) 

 Learning how to know when your body has had enough to eat and to stop eating

 Clearing  and Healing unresolved issues (often unconscious ones)  that push you to eat past your point of fullness or to eat what does not work for your body

 Discovering if you may be holding onto weight as ‘protection’ or for other reasons

 Using Loving and kindness to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level rather than just will power, judgement or restriction


The surprising ways working with great archangels may give you much more direct experiences of God, Spirit, other positive presences such as the Christ, Divine Feminine etc. 

HOW to remember and experience YOUR Archangelic heritage, gifts and name and bring them into now in a way that heightens your experience of your divine purpose and nature 

HOW to ease your suffering and manifest more joy, peace, self-loving, beauty  (and more qualities of the angels)

HOW to access Great Archangels for protection  and clearing of your energy field

Speaking from Spirit

The purpose of this course is to learn more about and to then practice speaking from Spirit, as opposed to about Spirit. What are your next steps to become even more of a conduit for the divine and then to share from that surrendered space? Come find out, come BE empowered to be who you were born to be.  

Spiritual Protection and Clearing - Part 1 and 2

Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influences

Learn fascinating esoteric information about ways to protect yourself with Spirit and Light and to clear yourself from unwanted psychic influence or manipulation.

Discover tried and true techniques as well as receive your own from Spirit.

Experience ways to protect yourself through Spirit via a guided meditation.

Explore clearing yourself through an interactive process.

Receive guidance and transformation through sharing with Spirit inside.

You Are a Conduit of God

To speak from Spirit you must drop your very identity, surrender into the divine unknowing into undifferentiated consciousness and let love speak.

Then the message and the messenger are one.

Video Highlights

Check out these clips with highlights from the courses!


Hear what our course participants have to say!

“As the Holy Spirit moved in I could feel it physically.’Michael and Alisha your clarity, loving, and ability to be totally present in the moment with each person was amazing.  Just being in a shared Light consciousness for so many hours was  pure bliss. Best of all was when I “got” on a deep level what experiencing the fullness of Spirit is.  Thank you for sharing so many beautiful insights and especially so much loving with us.” – CJJ

“The energy is potent and engaging. Both Michael’s and Alisha’s sharings are very valuable. I leave feeling like I just completed an Insight training. I am filled with awe of the vastness of Spirit. Michael was loving, clear, informative and open to be a clear channel for Sprit. His wife was delightful, loving, a beautiful child of God and I felt uplifted just listening to her. I cannot express enough how incredibly blessed in every way I felt for the opportunity to be part of this sharing.” – Elizabeth McGlynn

“Truly amazing: I loved the time with Alisha and Michael and the beautiful way they flow and work together. I am so overjoyed with the clarity, loving and wisdom in which they both share. I am still high from this event!” – AR

“I cleared many issues from my life by just being in this crystalline clear energy of Spirit and by other’s sharings with Michael. It is beyond description. There is no better way to spend one’s time or afternoon than by attending this program.” – Jennifer Halet

“It is like bringing God into the world in many forms and many ways over and over again throughout the whole day. Helping to see God’s perfection in everyone and everything.” – Lawrence Caminite

“I experienced Michael and Alisha’s clarity and mastery in a moving and beautiful way. Magical.” – RP

“The experience for me was one of ‘all my prayers being answered.’ That’s how I felt. I felt like God had come down and was literally throwing loads and loads of grace at anyone who asked for it.” – Anonymous

“Life changing, transformational, so enlightening and uplifting. I am so extremely grateful!” – NN