Eating Love

Dieting from Judgement and Loving Yourself Healthy and Fit

Introducing you to the concepts of: 

Exploring how to Work WITH your body to find your perfect weight and maintain it with grace and ease-regardless of eating plan or fitness program you choose (or don’t choose) 

Learning how to know when your body has had enough to eat and to stop eating

Clearing  and Healing unresolved issues (often unconscious ones)  that push you to eat past your point of fullness or to eat what does not work for your body

Discovering if you may be holding onto weight as ‘protection’ or for other reasons

Using Loving and kindness to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level rather than just will power, judgement or restriction

Meet Alisha Das Hayes

Learn About Alisha's Work and Story of Spiritual Healing

Your Guide: Dr. Alisha Das, considered one of the world's Angel experts.

Alisha has facilitated over 200 seminars. She's a professional counselor, spiritual intuitive, ordained minister, certified life coach, author and public speaker has been doing this work for over three decades! Alisha has the exceedingly rare gift of being able to hear and speak the language of the Angels. For 35 years, she has facilitated seemingly miraculous spiritual awakening through connecting people to the highest Archangels and often, to their amazement and deep resonance, to their own Archangelic nature. She can also clear past lives, undesired psychic affect and do aura and energetic healing.


Hear what participants of Eating Love have to say!

“I loved this class. The Spiritual energy was palpable even over the computer and I felt a lot of clearing happening. The teachings around how to practice healthy eating and self-care in regards to food were practical and tangible. I walked away from the class having clear action steps on how to better care for my body, while also gaining a renewed sense of self-love and a connection to my Spirituality." - Elsie Storm 

“Results are already being realized! I am eating differently, and less, and there is already a visible difference in my body- thinner! And I feel better in my clothing. For me, portion control seems to be a major key. Thank you for this class, and the ten-step list!” - Lin Mogitz 

“Thank you for your Eating Love class. It helped me to be more aware of how I make eating a serious event. It was a powerful start in clearing my issues with food and the difficulty I have keeping weight on. This is so basic for me I am definitely interested in an on-going opportunity to apply the four principles you listed and the possibility of support to help clear whatever it is I have been working so hard to distract myself from while I eat. I am quite excited about this class and believe, that at 84, I may, finally, be ready to make a major change in this area.” - Elizabeth Woods

“I have been in gratitude for the wonderful seminar experience you stewarded with such loving wisdom earlier this month. I received exactly what I intended to experience and you put it beautifully here, about spiritualizing my physical form. I am putting my future participation in the light as I have been considering this lovely invitation.

Thank you Alisha - The brilliance of zooming in on and asking up front "what is the hidden hunger" put the focus on exactly where it needed to be. For me it immediately unshackled the mind and lead me to a journey into - trusting the body of God. It put this whole issue of "a weight problem" on a whole different level - a spiritual path to be explored. Somehow, from a young age I inwardly knew that  eliminating the weight wasn't the issue. I was already weighted down with life from a early age. I just didn't know it nor had the skill set developed yet to distinguish what was really going on. I held this as - if I could eliminate the weight problem I could eliminate the weight. Except for me,it doesn't work that way. Henceforth - what is the hidden hunger. What I discovered is by not being in my natural shape, I was eating for some other reason other than hunger.

Back in 1983, when I lived in NYC, Molly Groger's book - Eating Awareness Training - just happened to fall into my hands and I had some awareness's around eating and actually did the training from the book. Years later I happened upon her book again, and I believe I was in the DSS training at the time and the biggest take away I had was - OMG, my Mother didn't have an off switch to her expression of alcoholism. It dawned on me then and there that I didn't have an off switch or even an inkling of when I was full - I just ate till I was stuffed.

After digesting all of your workshop, it dawned on me that - wow, I need to take some action steps here and revisit this whole issue around "if I could eliminate the weight problem, I could eliminate the weight - then take what I discovered and the experiences I went through and somehow share it "out there". 

Great minds think alike - count me in on "a series of classes / support group" and maybe even an exploratory support group first then out into the world. Something has flooded me with ideas/possibilities and ignited me with this - I am choosing back.

Oh and btw, I got on another level how this is connected with "the stories I tell myself".

Thank you for your Brilliance!” - Carole Nitray

Beloved Alisha! God bless you!

I am writing to share my experience with eating love. I have been working and improving my relationship with food for at last 3 years (I started been more aware during the MSS) but since I came back to Brazil it's been a challenging experience to deal with the outside world, (I am in a place where I don't want to be, without any supportive loving community),  taking care of my mom without overeating or even eating foods that are not good for my body. With your class I realized how anxious I get when I go out to eat, I eat out a lot, seems like everything is rushing me to eat faster: noises, people, environment... I still don't know why and how to calm myself down, and I am trying to be more disciplined with my fasting and eating things that are more align with what my body needs, for me is more challenging than exercising nowadays. I loved the class, I wished we could go a little bit longer with the class to go deeper into the inner child and learn how to heal it in a profound way. I never worked with the inner child before and I tend to neglect it and ignore it. I would love to have a extended class where we can explore the tools in a deeper level. From the subjects you mentioned for a future class I think I would take the most out of it all!

I was interested to know more about the class you mentioned J-R used to provide, Body Balance. Seems like is not available nowadays. I think they created IHOP as a substitute. 

Thank you for doing this class for such an affordable price!

With a Loving Embrace,

Marcela Costa

“Thank you so much for your workshop on Eating Love!❤️It was so profound and heart-tingling. This activity called “eating” is a challenging one for me, as well as many others. When I was a young adult, the fashion for females was a Twiggy-type figure. A curvaceous body type such as mine was never appreciated. Even at age 72,I am still struggling with the issues of weight and body image!

You are such a deep well of wisdom and a shining image of beauty and femininity! Thanks so much for your uplifting work and magnificent ministry, Alisha!” - Kay Turbak

Learn How to Eat Love

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