About the Bundle

Featuring 20 courses by Alisha Hayes of Awake to Love, this bundle provides a powerful way to step more fully into Spirit. 

This bundle grants access to the courses and membership in the private group sharing for 1 Year. 

Overview of Courses

Rise! and Accessing the Great Archangelic (Classes 2-5)

Are you feeling anxious about your new normal'? As an empath, are you taking on some of the collective anxiety? Are you tossing and turning at night because of personal problems? Connecting to great archangels and your own Archangelic nature can lift you above your worries into a higher perspective so that you come into your center, deep peace and understanding of how to use all that is occurring to your spiritual advancement, upliftment and growth.

Ascend! (Classes 1-4)

LIVE more from your angelic nature and holy purpose. Integrate your transformation, all the way to transcendence. 

Eating Love

Introducing you to the concepts of: 

Exploring how to Work WITH your body to find your perfect weight and maintain it with grace and ease-regardless of eating plan or fitness program you choose (or don’t choose) 

 Learning how to know when your body has had enough to eat and to stop eating

 Clearing  and Healing unresolved issues (often unconscious ones)  that push you to eat past your point of fullness or to eat what does not work for your body

 Discovering if you may be holding onto weight as ‘protection’ or for other reasons

 Using Loving and kindness to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level rather than just will power, judgement or restriction

Soar! (Classes 1-6)

The surprising ways working with great archangels may give you much more direct experiences of God, Spirit, other positive presences such as the Christ, Divine Feminine etc. 

HOW to remember and experience YOUR Archangelic heritage, gifts and name and bring them into now in a way that heightens your experience of your divine purpose and nature 

HOW to ease your suffering and manifest more joy, peace, self-loving, beauty  (and more qualities of the angels)

HOW to access Great Archangels for protection  and clearing of your energy field

Speaking from Spirit

The purpose of this course is to learn more about and to then practice speaking from Spirit, as opposed to about Spirit. What are your next steps to become even more of a conduit for the divine and then to share from that surrendered space? Come find out, come BE empowered to be who you were born to be.  

Spiritual Protection and Clearing - Part 1 and 2

Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influences

Learn fascinating esoteric information about ways to protect yourself with Spirit and Light and to clear yourself from unwanted psychic influence or manipulation.

Discover tried and true techniques as well as receive your own from Spirit.

Experience ways to protect yourself through Spirit via a guided meditation.

Explore clearing yourself through an interactive process.

Receive guidance and transformation through sharing with Spirit inside.

You Are a Conduit of God

To speak from Spirit you must drop your very identity, surrender into the divine unknowing into undifferentiated consciousness and let love speak.

Then the message and the messenger are one.

Watch Highlights from the Courses!

Your Guide: Dr. Alisha Das, considered one of the world's Angel experts.

Alisha has facilitated over 200 seminars. She's a professional counselor, spiritual intuitive, ordained minister, certified life coach, author and public speaker has been doing this work for over three decades! Alisha has the exceedingly rare gift of being able to hear and speak the language of the Angels. For 35 years, she has facilitated seemingly miraculous spiritual awakening through connecting people to the highest Archangels and often, to their amazement and deep resonance, to their own Archangelic nature. She can also clear past lives, undesired psychic affect and do aura and energetic healing.

Meet Alisha Das Hayes

Learn About Alisha's Work and Story of Spiritual Healing


Hear what Alisha's course participants have to say!

I was lifted into a joyful state that far surpassed anything I’ve experienced in this life. I have a greater sense of purpose and a profoundly loving acceptance of WHO I TRULY AM!  I am overjoyed at this sacred offering. Thank you  profusely for your divine inspiration, profound wisdom, and sweetness.  It has been very impactful for me to bear witness to and partake of your exquisite beauty, poetic expression, deep compassion and  divine knowing/unknowing! Thank you so very much for sharing yourself so graciously, steadfastly and  magnificently, on so many levels!" - Kay Turbak

"I walked into the series miserable due to the burden of unreleased karmas and I am leaving light, uplifted and joyous in my day to day life! I came to the classes to gain more awareness of Spirit, and I received that in spades. Now I easily and consciously move into Spirit/Divine Unknowing and reside within the Loving when I choose. I was aided in releasing bottom-line karmas that kept me from further spiritual knowing. Now I walk with Jesus, J-R, and the Archangels daily." -  S.J.S.

Each event opens me to a finer attunement to Spirit. A broader awakening through the group consciousness that Spirit sets up is profoundly illuminating.” - Robert Zack

"Alisha has a unique ability to convey Spirit’s messages in a clear and uplifting manner that gives us a tangible experience of our Christed nature. Doing so is a source of Divine guidance, deep comfort and joy!- Dr. Mark Holmes

"Alisha’s meditations are beyond the Beyond and are helping to transport me into God Consciousness to such a degree that ten minutes after the first meditation, my life had changed." - Wendy Stretton, Life Coach

"OMG! Every one of the classes has been amazing and transformative. I am observing how easy it is to move through my day with the least amount of stress and anxiety (this is huge for me.) I am experiencing Spirit all the time, now!" - Judea Jenkins

"This class provided me with the support to know my Self in a new way, and to expand, in every sense, my vocabulary of the Divine." - Johanna Jenkins, MFT, USM Faculty

“There are so many tidbits I learn at every class that I practice in my daily life in relationship to myself, others and living in the loving and joyful expression of Spirit." - M.M.

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