About the Course

Are you feeling anxious about your new normal'? As an empath, are you taking on some of the collective anxiety? Are you tossing and turning at night because of personal problems? Connecting to great archangels and your own Archangelic nature can lift you above your worries into a higher perspective so that you come into your center, deep peace and understanding of how to use all that is occurring to your spiritual advancement, upliftment and growth.

What You'll Learn

Do you feel just a bit lost with this new normal? Would you like to be lifted above it all into the love, joy, comfort, peace and grace of the Archangels?

  • The surprising ways working with great archangels may give you much more direct experiences of God, Spirit, other positive presences such as the Christ, Divine Feminine etc.

  • HOW to remember and experience YOUR Archangelic heritage, gifts and name and bring them into now in a way that heightens your experience of your divine purpose and nature.

  • HOW to ease your suffering and manifest more joy, peace, self-loving, beauty (and more qualities of the angels)

  • HOW to access Great Archangels for protection and clearing of your energy field

Your Guide: Dr. Alisha Das, considered one of the world's Angel experts.

Alisha has led over two hundred spiritual seminars. For two decades she has facilitated seemingly miraculous spiritual awakening through connecting others to the highest Archangels and, often to their amazement and deep resonance, their own Archangelic nature. She has the exceedingly rare gift of being able to hear and speak the language of the Angels. She is educated and masterful in a wide range of modalities including spiritual intuitive work, psychology and life coaching. An ordained minister, she is also an author (featured on the front page of The Huffington Post) and public speaker (presented the keynote speech at an event opened by multi-platform artist, Moby.)

Meet Alisha Das Hayes

Learn About Alisha's Work and Story of Spiritual Healing

Do you sometimes feel really alone in these unusual times, like others seem to have it easier, have the comfort of Spirit but you just can’t always connect? Perhaps you'd like an additional boost to your current practice? Archangels are a shortcut to experience divinity as clearly as you see the words on this page and greatly expedite your higher consciousness.


Dr. Mark Holmes

All spiritual traditions teach us to ‘thine own self be true’. Knowing my angelic heritage has been a huge revelation for me to know who I am, and what I am to accomplish! In the Archangel Masterclass, Alisha assisted me to attune to my Angelic heritage and Archangels in a visceral way which has been a source of Divine guidance, deep comfort and joy; She has a rare ability to convey Spirit's messages in a clear and uplifting manner that gives us a VERY tangible experience of our Divine nature!

After a guided meditation to find our angelic name, my consciousness began to flow on the energetic of the ‘stream’ within which I flow. The movement of my consciousness was similar to what I am familiar with during meditation/ spiritual exercises which I have honed over fifty plus years of deep introspection. My consciousness then flowed backward along a chronological timeline to near my physical birth, and I realized my angelic heritage for this life, which is exemplified in my heartfelt choices and expressions. This realization gave me congruency, and a relief that I was indeed, on track. 

With further chanting of my angelic name, I experienced my soul self during my angelic embodiment and the function to which I was assigned, and how that divine purpose is seen through many human lifetimes and culminating during the latter part of this lifetime. I can only recommend you  experience this for yourself!

Robert Brady

Holy Wow! What powerful classes. I experienced so much rapture and Grace. Archangelic support rocked me into heightened levels of love, beingness and self-acceptance of myself as the light of the Christ. Alisha is a jewel of illumination, focus, and inspiration. The Archangel classes were insightful, fun, and spiritually expansive for me. I really appreciated learning my angelic name for it helps me to stay more anchored, in conscious Divine Presence.

Kay Turbak

I was lifted into a joyful state that far surpassed anything I’ve experienced in this life. I have a greater sense of purpose and a profoundly loving acceptance of WHO I TRULY AM! I  am overjoyed at this sacred offering. Thank you  profusely for your divine inspiration, profound wisdom, sweetness and all that you have done to create and implement the ArchAngelic masterclass. 

It has been very impactful for me to bear witness to and partake of your exquisite beauty, poetic expression, deep compassion and divine knowing/unknowing! 

Thank you so very much for sharing yourself so graciously, steadfastly and magnificently, on so many levels!

Wendy Stretton

Alisha’s mediations are beyond the Beyond and are helping to transport me into God Consciousness to such a degree that ten minutes after the first meditation, my life had changed. In each class, we are moving past space and time, touching into the intention level of God Consciousness. All the junk I had walked into the room with had dissolved and there was only the bliss of what I had just seen and experienced throughout my Beingness.


This series exponentially added value to my spiritual practice. What amazed me was how Great Archangels did come forward and choose to work with me and that I knew who they were. Why wouldn't you attend a class where you could avail yourself of the God-intended, pristine great Archangels, who love and adore you and are able and willing to assist in your transformation?

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