Spiritual Protection and Clearing - Part 1

Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influences

Learn about Spiritual Protection and how to more effectively clear yourself of undesirable external influence.

  • Learn fascinating esoteric information about ways to protect yourself with Spirit and Light and to clear yourself from unwanted psychic influence or manipulation.
  • Discover tried and true techniques as well as receive your own from Spirit.
  • Experience ways to protect yourself through Spirit via a guided meditation.
  • Explore clearing yourself through an interactive process with another tribe member.
  • Receive guidance and transformation through sharing with Spirit inside as well as the Facilitator.

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Your Guide: Dr. Alisha Das, considered one of the world's Angel experts.

Alisha has facilitated over 200 seminars. She's a professional counselor, spiritual intuitive, ordained minister, certified life coach, author and public speaker has been doing this work for over three decades!Alisha has the exceedingly rare gift of being able to hear and speak the language of the Angels. For 35 years, she has facilitated seemingly miraculous spiritual awakening through connecting people to the highest Archangels and often, to their amazement and deep resonance, to their own Archangelic nature. She can also clear past lives, undesired psychic affect and do aura and energetic healing.

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Hear what participants from Spiritual Protection and Clearing have to say!

“Thanks Alisha today was awesome. The loving spirit energy that comes through is so Devine. I love your fun and joy, u make me laugh, you just say it the way it is and guide us in love.

Thank you for facilitating the last three classes . I have gained a lot of learning on how to protect and clear myself.

Love and blessings of light"

- Camille Attard


“Beloved Alisha, Job well done! Thank You for allowing me to partake in your Beautiful, Heartfelt Class Online through You Tube. It was well presented, clear, concise, filled with Light, Love and Spiritual Flow. You showed me a ray of Light from this dark, downtrodden pit I have been in since my partner of 24 years passed away and my Aunt with Alzheimer’s who I cared for many years passed within 4 months of each other. There have been many other tragic events since and I became very depressed, stuck and on a downward spiral to the point of wanting to give up and die. The processes you did with the two women resonated deeply with me and shed light on how I have allowed negative forces, Lucifer, to overwhelm me and believing that I was not Good enough to continue to live. Your class helped me to refocus my energy by acknowledging limited beliefs, cutting cords from negative people and circumstances and as an Empath releasing those energies and a lot of forgiveness. This was the most I have been able to focus in a long time. I felt tremendous Peace afterwards which I am Thankful for. I did wake up this morning with a lot of gut wrenching anxiety and fear. I immediately used the tools of cutting cords, looking into the eyes of the Lord/Christ, invoking the Light, Love, Healing, Peace, Guidance of the Traveler Consciousness, Christ, Angels, Spiritual Guides. I’ve been in MSIA since the early 70’s, have come so far and recently have backslidden so deep. I will do my best to use the tools from your class, moving forward, onward and upward! You are a Beautiful, True, Healing, Uplifting Blessing of Light, Love, Courage as a Spiritual Warrior in this World. I do not have any feedback as to how to improve your class as I believe it was Perfect and Clearly Flowing in Holy Spirit. Heartfelt Gratitude from my Heart to Yours. Keep up the God Work! May God continue to Bless You in All Ways! Please keep me, my cats, in Good Health, and overcoming my challenges to keep our home. 😇🌈🙏🦋💜” - Dore’ Miller in West Palm Beach, FL


“Congratulations!!! Lovely & transformative offering. Thank you.

I participated online with ease and grace provided by Alisha's tech support and the smooth operating Zoom technology allowing for my participation in large group sharing as well as private partner work when appropriate.

Alisha is a luminous spirit-led facilitator who brings a wealth of knowledge to her offering. She has a keen facility for simplifying and making accessible in meat a potatoes ways the practical application of each of the tools she introduces. She's fun, playful and generous of spirit in her one-on-one catching in the class and overall facilitating style. I experienced a profound healing regarding a lifetime relationship. This also process also yielded a valuable insight sure to support my greater peaceful navigation of all my relationships. A real delight and meaningful blessing!!!"


“It is my opinion that the work of clearing and understanding spiritual protection is critical to the human experience. I have been looking for a process like this to help me in my dealings with people for a long time.” - MH - designer 


“Good techniques with demonstrated effectiveness in class. Yes, I would recommend” - Ana Brightleaf


“I learned about vulnerability being protection-staying in the loving rather than defending. I highly recommend this class-very spirit filled. Thanks Alisha! LL.”  - David Stern - musician


“learned a lot more about ways of clearing tool and I would highly recommend it.”  Milly Rizal - coach


“Alisha <3  Empowering - you were great at giving us the recognition that we have all we need to protect and clear ourselves.  Light-hearted and fun - you bring an egoless leadership and humbleness to your facilitating, you’re free flowing and full of joy which makes it fun and inspiring. Informative - great info and reminders. Loved your handout. Deep, yet simple. <3 Peaceful and rejuvenating - very gentle and peaceful afternoon. Energy was so lovely and containing. Spirit was so present." – Alexandra


“Very loving, informative, uplifting- loved the energy and clearing. Very powerful.” - Susan


“I really appreciated the four directions protection visualization and the crushed starlight visualization from Muriel. The process for clearing was beautiful for releasing projectual identification of projected energy and material that seeks release and clearing. Clearing identifications w/negativity/adjustments. Everything was beautiful and loving.” - Celeste Wolfe MFT


“Thank you for the expansive experience. I am often challenged by form, preferring essence for clearing and this worked well for me.”


“Clear, concise, practical approach to dynamic processes. A light hand for deep, personal healing. I would definitely recommend this workshop.” - Cirelle Raphalian, office manager/administrator.


“Beautiful Alisha! SPC provides a profound opportunity to not only take dominion of your mind and heartspaces, but your auric field as well. I would highly recommend this workshop to newbies as well as veterans in personal and spiritual development.” - Dr. See Love, soul-centered success coach and educator. 

“Alisha guided us wonderfully to experience and practice clearing. SPC is value packed workshop with loads of information that you can use straight away. Encouraging, inspiring and uplifting energy.” -  Katja, spiritual mentor


“My clearings & empathic ways have really being a huge problem up until now, but I get this link/your class will clear it for me if I do this.

I listen to it each night now...starting the last few days...and muscle tested it for the innerphasing...which showed up very positive & high % .

Many blessings for all your amazing love & support to us all.” - Suzie Temple

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