Opening to higher God consciousness is something we all want and comes about very much through freeing ourselves from the approach we’ve taken in this world for many many lives. This strategy we have that says to have higher consciousness we must be different than we are, we must change, we must transform, and let’s adapt or we must adopt to someone else’s approach that we might get the results that we believe the other person has received. And so we either tend to change who we are, change what we do, change the way we see and define ourselves. This is called the great path to becoming. And on the road of opening to higher consciousness freeing ourselves from this is a huge, huge, huge step because we are human and geared to the experience and the expression of time and space it is natural for us to be oriented to improvement, improvement so that we can enjoy life more, so that we can be more successful in the ventures of life that we undertake. But beyond all of that there is a truth, this truth is that the kingdom of heaven is at hand, that the blessings already are present, and that if we’re not aware of that and experiencing that, we are caught in a conceptualization of a reality that is different than that and that is evolutionary. 

This class is the opportunity to come into that higher consciousness and free ourselves from the distortions that we have bought into about what process is required for us to experience that higher consciousness.

At Awake to Love Michael Hayes and Alisha Das believe that when people are connected to their Spiritual nature and working in partnership with a Higher Power, then incredible and often miraculous transformation is possible.  With over 55 combined years of professional counselling the Awake to Love online courses offer enlightening information on a wide range of topics, particularly how to access the archangelic realms, consciousness clearing and intuition and inner knowing.


Hear what our course participants have to say!

“Huge transformation into spiritual beingness as my truth.

Like all the other classes, this class was of tremendous value to me. The value was getting higher into God consciousness, experiencing myself more out of time and space and more solidly into knowing and living my divinity, and anchoring this knowing through all my levels and physical body." 

- Cindy Lovejoy, Ph.D., Marriage Family Therapist in Spiritual Psychology and Energetic Consciousness Clearing

“I had a continued experience of being in the Light and experiencing a more real connection to higher planes of consciousness. My most vivid experience was one of opening a door into the Light and stepping into it. It's hard to put into words regarding the shift in consciousness, but it has been and is significant.

I got value in at least the following ways: 1) Responses to my sharing 2) Responses to others' sharings 3) Michael's opening remarks and meditations 4) Reviewing sections of the classes from the videos 5) Experiencing the shifts in consciousness between classes 6) Greater grace in dealing with the physical plane.” - EN, Educator

"We have joyfully participated in almost every Awake to Love event over many years. We do so because Michael consistently shares rare and deeply profound esoteric information that is hard to come by!  His  sharings with participants  are stunningly instructive and  intuitive.  Alisha also shares rare information as well as providing ways we can put into practice what is brought forward in class. The processes and meditations are deep and effective. There is also a lot of joy present. Most of all, we attend because, in the events, we tangibly experience the energy and love of Spirit and our own divinity in a direct, sacred way." - Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Directors, University of Santa Monica

"Alisha and Michael’s workshop was literally life-changing after just one class!  The transmission of information that comes through them feels like both an awakening on a cellular level and like a validation of spiritual truths that my soul has been longing to acknowledge since time immemorial. They present the complexity of this multi-verse in a way that does not overwhelm, but rather simplifies and clarifies the primary purpose of what we are doing here and the spiritual laws that govern us. They give practical suggestions for how we can speed up and ease up our spiritual evolution. My husband and I have put these into practice, and in the few short days since the last class, we have found ourselves astounded by what game-changers they have already proven to be! Even though the class is online, there was a palpable energetic field that we were brought into. At times I felt giggly with lightheartedness, and other times I was moved to tears. It was especially touching to witness what took place when the participants asked their questions. Inevitably, their soul was seeking a deeper revelation than what they themselves thought they were asking for and the information that Alisha and Michael channeled for them clearly brought both relief and an awakening to a much deeper truth that was precisely what their soul most needed to hear at this point along their journey. Every moment of their class felt like an energetic realignment and was a sincerely joyful experience in the process. I am counting down the days until the next one!" - Aubrie Woods, Life Coach

“From my viewing point, Michael and Alisha’s classes are like a doctorate class to God’s Heart.  The wisdom, authenticity, depth of sharing, loving and clarity has assisted me in getting free in so many ways…highly recommend their webcasts.”   - Joan Victoria Kurkian 

"To consciously be in the higher realms for an afternoon is a gift. Michael and Alisha are gifted seers and communicators of the living Spirit." - Martha Ringer

“Through participating in the series, every aspect of my life has been affected, transforming me into the presence of loving!  It has been a journey into divine understanding through experiential learning. Healing, expansion, clearing, grace and intimacy with Spirit are the hallmarks of each class.” - Katy Kamen, Counselor

“These workshops are one of the best things that ever happened to me! I am more aware that God is remembering me. I am experiencing ease, confidence, trust in myself and in the Lord, as well as a lot of gratitude, peace and bliss. I am more aware of my divinity and royalty. The archives are fantastic. I see them many times, and each time I get more and more value. Now, when I read my discourses I understand things that I had never did before. I am more loving towards myself and all of God’s creation. These workshops would benefit anyone”– Mavi Sroor 

“Much to my amazement and pleasure, I achieved Remembrance. I have risen so much! The in-person energetic contributed greatly. This series has been extremely closely aligned with my personal experience of J-R and of his teachings.” – Stu Lichtman 

“Online was being in the upper room with all.  I am hearing clearly the Sound Current as well as seeing and perceiving from the upper chambers of consciousness more consistently. I am claiming that God's Song of Love is for me. I am allowing the reality that I am an amplifier for the Sound Current.  I am a soul tower in the Christ network. These are some of the values instilled more firmly in my consciousness. I felt "all in" and benefitted greatly. As well I felt as equally cared for the in-house students.” – RMZ

“WOW! I am receiving so much profound growth and clearing working with you and Michael. Words cannot express my gratitude. You are living deeply in my Heart.” - Wendy S. 

Are you ready to Open to Higher God Consciousness?