Learn How to Develop your Inner Knowing

The difference between intuition and inner knowing is a crucial one. Intuition is the soul sensing capacity utilizing the form that it manifests for itself to have occupancy or participation with a different psychic level for the different levels of manifestation that are in time and space. The difference between that and inner knowing is that with inner knowing, sense and capacity is outside of time and space. Without needing the filtering effects of this experience in time and space and so it is a direct knowing and direct perception, a direct realization. As individuals, as human beings, we have had much more experience in the body and in the world of time and space working with intuition as it is far easier for us to come to and something that we’ve utilized constantly over many many lifetimes. Because we have become both used to it and attached to it (intuition), because it’s been a utilitarian process in so many ways, in so many expressions, we will find that within us there is an attachment to intuition and a perception that we need it and that without it we will be lost or we will be less effective. When the possibility emerges for us to work with inner knowing, we both want it and resist it because coming to inner knowing is a byproduct of us releasing ourselves from our attachment to intuition. 

And so giving up intuition opens up the door to inner knowing. 

And often as we are coming awake we will have a degree of inner knowing and a degree of intuition and sometimes we will attempt to use both intuition and inner knowing thinking they both have value for us, and in a way they do, except that which comes through inner knowing is much clearer and offers us not only a glimpse into the hidden reality of life, what’s going on behind the scenes, but also guidance in terms of how to utilize that information, how to apply it, how to survive good with it, where so when we get information from intuition, it’s like getting a snapshot into the truth and then it’s up to us as individuals with our own minds and our own experience to guess or to construct a plan of how to utilize that information. This difference is crucial when we deal in spiritual matters. For many of the things that we deal with in the world, having an intuitive sense of it or sense it from inner knowing really isn’t that different. But when it comes to the spiritual, when it comes to spiritual awakening, to spiritual realization the inner knowing is the tool we want. Our intuition can be fooled because we get a snapshot of truth, but not the whole picture. And that that is of this world that would bind our soul to the experience of this world and keep it in confusion and keep it in a state of forgetfulness will play upon our intuition and use it to deceive us from the greater truth that only can be found in our inner knowing. 

We have longed for greater awareness as part of the great path of becoming, but coming to inner knowing is a byproduct of us freeing ourselves from the great desire to become, because as we come into the inner knowing, we know that we already are all that we will ever be and the journey of becoming has been part of the experience of this creation, but also a fallacy and an illusion that we will let go as we awaken and remember and know the blessings of God that already are present. Amen.

At Awake to Love Michael Hayes and Alisha Das believe that when people are connected to their Spiritual nature and working in partnership with a Higher Power, then incredible and often miraculous transformation is possible.  With over 55 combined years of professional counselling the Awake to Love online courses offer enlightening information on a wide range of topics, particularly how to access the archangelic realms, consciousness clearing and intuition and inner knowing.


Hear what our course participants have to say!

“This class is a must! My life has completely changed! You have both assisted me to a place I have longed for my entire life. Dark has turned to Light. My heart is full, my purpose clear, and I am released and whole. Bliss abounds!” ~Marc Darrow, In Person

“Every word, every concept … Truth.  Uncluttered, specific, radiant Truth. ” ~Rama Fox, Online

"I am smiling and loving more and my gratitude has increased tremendously. I am more patient, have better focus, my mind is more still and my heart is much calmer. I am more aware of God's presence and this is giving me courage to sacrifice my story and go for love, grace and joy all the way Home. Coming in person feels like stepping into a big hot spring of Grace in which all gets washed away and replaced by Love and Light. ~ADB, In Person

"A truly revolutionary experience! As a result of this series, my life makes sense to me in a way I hadn't dreamed possible. Sharings with both Michael and Alisha were not only as priceless as I expected but also opened doors for me in ways I had not considered possible.”

~Ross Goodell, In Person

“In class, God's presence is immediate.  I let go of some things and suddenly, my mind was at peace, and I was "nose to nose" with God!  I understand now the statement, "The silence that roars the name of the Lord."  After watching only 2 hours of yesterday's class, and getting only 5 hours' sleep, I have more energy today that I can remember since I was a child!!!” ~Linda Mogitz, Online

"The ongoing inner experience during the class is like having God Itself coaching me as a Soul to further awaken to the Loving. And everyone in the bleachers cheers!” ~M.M., Online

"If love is the nowness of God then Michael and Alisha demonstrated His presence throughout. Michael has a profound grasp of the immense field of our existence and a unique ability to distill and communicate concepts that are hard to get your mind around.  I found Alisha's profound understanding of Spirit, Angels, the folks she worked with and her ability to convey her thoughts and knowledge inspirational.  ~B.B., Online

 “Loving the simplicity & do-ability of wisdom in your sharings!" ~Suzie Temple, Online

"I have more conscious awareness of Spirit and spiritual experiences. 

I had similar questions and experiences to those in the room. Much shifted and cleared for me and I got lots of usable learning from the info shared. I have already shared with others that it is quite good, worth doing and worth the money.”

~E.A., Online

"Wow!” My experience was that Michael and, now, Alisha carried on from where my prior study had left off. I had yearned for that but hadn't known where to find it. Clearly Spirit led me here for which I am extremely grateful.” - Stuart Lichtman, In Person 

“The first round was awesome in my getting free from unconscious blocks so I could progress into greater direct knowing and become aware of my soul as Spirit.  I was glad I was there in person for the direct work with both of you. This second round of class [Online] was just as transformational but in a different way at my next level, which was into God consciousness levels and more opening into my angelic level.  I would recommend this to others because so much consciousness change into a higher level, especially into direct knowing, takes place.”  Cindy Lovejoy, In Person and Online

"There was a big shift in my perception of this world.  I am more awakened, more in touch with who I am. Thank you for supporting us in coming awake to our Divinity and entering the Divine Unknowing.” ~Fina Garaby, Online

Michael and Alisha's meditations were wonderful and gave me a new access to SE's, Angels and finding the inner knower. The sharing was wonderful because some of them opened my eyes to the possibility of greater potential inside of me. OMG to watch it over and over was most beneficial. I would miss part of what was being said or wanted to hear something over and I could listen to it over and over." ~Judea, Online

 “As a result of the series, I'm seeing the spiritual support and guidance I receive, anew and I'm deeply grateful for it. Loved your piece on the magnetic and spiritual light. I experienced a lot of clearing taking place as well. Learning to access, use, and apply inner guidance and direction is an essential part of a spiritual path. ~ J.S., Online

"A lot of new information-very valuable and transformative. Sessions every other week are very helpful to allow for integration. Having access to the recordings added a lot of insights I missed from each session.” ~SE, In Person

“The value I received was a much greater awareness of my experience with the Divine; a realization of what residing in the Presence means to me at every moment; an awakening to that which already is for me. The greatest gift I received from this class is the recognition that the Divine ALREADY is. Michael is brilliant in the way he describes that which already is in words and make it available to us to awaken to that realization right there on the spot. It has been magnificent! Alisha brings a gentle angelic energy that is attuned, practical and very liberating. The interaction between Alisha and Michael are amazing to witness. They are a real couple, showing us in real life how to live consciously in a relationship.”

“I enjoy the current format. The journaling exercise, then the initial presentation by Michael, which really allowed me to vicariously live that Presence that he describes beautifully in words. The way Michael can describe the Divine is words is the best part of the class for me. His words touch me deeply and bring an indescribable experience. I enjoy the sharing as well. One way to improve these events is to have the meditations distributed in CD. I could not download them and save them in my computer. I would like to have had them in an easier way so that I could do them more often.”

“I didn;t really access the archives after the class because of lack of time. The value of being physically present there is to allow the sacredness, the time and space to focus on the Presence and share that intention with others”

“Yes. I will definitely recommend it to others who are interested in awakening more to the Divine Presence and are willing to let go to the mental limitations.”

- Inely C. Cesna

“My consciousness awake immeasurable I am really grateful”

“I really appreciate to have the archives until September 30, every time I listen to it I am amaze!!! learning and growing in the Christ I am really feel privilege to have this opportunity”

“Yes I will recommend it with all my heart”


“Each class provided alternative practical and spiritual perspectives on issues. This alone was helpful. I had lingering questions about who I was and why patterns persisted in the past, Alisha and Michael provided an environment that was open, relaxed, warm, and loving.... this seemed to be essential for me to bravely ask these questions. The responses to me and others provided me with practical actions that I could immediately apply, as well as spiritual awareness’s that lifted me out of many of my limited thoughts ...opening my heart even more to myself and others.”

“This is not an easy question to respond to for me. I received so much from the experience as it was. I felt as if I belonged there and every detail was part of how the experiences were to unfold and expand the participants. So, I'll share how my sensitivities perceived the class.... The brightness of the lighting needed for the recording of the event was uncomfortable for my eyes. The recording equipment and all the participants in the living room seemed to inhibit movement for me. While having the event in their home felt safe, familiar, and sacred, I wonder if a studio setting.... maybe a yoga studio like space would be a good place for the class, providing good air circulation and room to move around. I enjoyed the idea of opening the class with a soul dance/movement before Calling in the Light. I drive a long way after a full day of working in a classroom to get to the class... I could use that lovely guided movement to help me relax and open up to what God has in store for us.”

“Participating in person allowed me to experience the feeling of not being alone in this spiritual quest and to feel the deep caring from both Alisha and Michael. I liked the intimate space to ask for spiritual assistance. The distractions were few and the loving abundant.”

“Frankly, I would like to have a 9 month series with no more than 12 participants. After only 7 classes, I feel that I am getting closer to "leap" in and brave a more authentic life. I'm processing my experiences more honestly and more quickly now... getting clearer faster and faster. Alisha and Michael have demonstrated that you need not have life perfect, have all the right words planned out, and everything in its place to live an authentic life. You just need to CHOOSE it with clear intention.”

“Yes, I would recommend this series. The opportunity to look at your life from an elevated perspective, to immediately clear blocks and limited beliefs, and to receive profound direct assistance and instruction....is a priceless gift to yourself.”

- Regina, Teacher

“I feel much more believable to myself...I am a worthwhile creation, after all...how good is that!” – Brenda Miller, teacher

“Michael was working with someone in his home and he shared the idea that a child gives a picture their parent. the parent smiles, loves the picture and puts on the fridge with the rest of the colds creations. When Michael was sharing this story my heart opened and I felt tears of love and gratitude. Realized that in my life God has given me the gift of life, what I do with that gift is my gift back to God. God will always be pleased, as every parent is pleased with what their child gives them as pieces of their creativity. I recognized how pleased God must be with all of us. We don't need to fix anything just share with God our heartfelt gifts. I opened to a greater awareness of my gifts and blessings. God loves it all the same way I love all of the gifts my children have given me. I am so blessed to experience Gods love and admiration for me.” - Marie Beech Psy. D. Clinical psychologist, faculty USM

“I noticed that the biggest value - was also the most subtle - that of being aware of my spiritual progress and awakening to more of my spiritual works.”

“I would love a longer series of workshops - but am afraid the cost would be inhibiting. A monthly 6 hr. workshop would also be good. It does take a bit of time to work the deeper processes - especially unconscious, etc. Maybe having exercises and sharing could jump start the process..... It could work for onliners through skype, phone, etc.”

- AW, Ph.D., Environmental Scientist

“The series was amazing. I became aware of subtle shifts in consciousness and a deepening connection with Spirit. It has increased my trust in my inner knowing, and and I also get that not knowing is really OK.”

“Thank you, with loving and light and gratitude.”

- Barbara Dobbs

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